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Web Design with WordPress: Design and Build Great Websites

Create WordPress Websites and Blogs: Especially for Beginners, Freelancers, and Graphic Designers Who Don't Want to Code
Derrick Mitchell
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You will learn how to “spin up” new WordPress sites in under one minute
You will learn exactly how I build websites for my clients.
You will learn how to create websites, portfolios, and blogs with WordPress
You will learn how to download, install and configure WordPress plugins
You will learn to use Photoshop and more to create beautiful website graphics
You will create a responsive website that looks good on any browser

A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress!

The main goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to setup a complete WordPress website quickly and easily.

While other courses teach you all of the in-depth, complicated things about building websites in WordPress, this course focuses on only those things needed to get your website up and running as efficiently as possible. 

You do not need to wade through hours and hours of lectures to create a stunning website. WordPress is wonderful because once you have your site up, you can refine it over time as you are able. If you’re like most designers or freelancers or entrepreneurs, chances are good you don’t want to spend weeks perfecting your website – you want something up ASAP! To help you reach that goal as quickly as possible, I move quickly through the content to help get you up and running fast – so come ready to rapidly dive into the meat of this course! 

With an emphasis on design elements, I will walk you through everything you need to start building a WordPress website, including how to:

  • “Spin up” new WordPress sites in under one minute

  • Install WordPress on your local computer (Windows or Mac) so you can learn without paying for a domain and web hosting.

  • Download, install and configure WordPress plugins

  • Optimize your website for search engines

  • Backup, export and move your website to a different domain and/or hosting

  • Create pages and posts, and how to understand the difference between the two

  • Create custom menus and navigation systems that both visitors and search engines will find useful

  • Protect your WordPress website from hackers and spammers

  • Back up your WordPress website in case of emergency.

  • Set up server and hosting environments in the most economical and secure way

  • Build and edit websites within staging and development environments

  • Migrate and transfer WordPress websites from staging to live and vice-versa

  • Use some of the most popular and versatile WordPress Themes available

  • Discover multiple ways to work with various themes and frameworks

And if there is anything you don’t learn from the course and want to learn, you can always ask me for help, or reach out to your peers in our private  Facebook community!

What Students Are Saying About This Course:

Derrick is very clear in his instructions. It actually takes me awhile to go through each lesson because they are so full of useful tidbits that I want to write down and save, from work flow to incredibly useful shortcuts. – Tricia Havas

Genuine guy. Clear and simple instruction. – Manesh Nesaratnam

Very engaging, exciting and the content is explained thoroughly without too much industry jargon. – Luke Houselander

Great way of teaching. Feels like a friend. – Ricky Rox

I really enjoyed learning with Derrick Mitchell and will be looking forward to learning other courses from him! – Yesha Bhavsar

Derrick is an expert who is very creative and has a wealth of experience… he does a great job of explaining more complex details to beginners like myself. – Ben Cotton

He is a very good teacher!! Encouraging and comprehensive. – Jhulan Devi Dasi

One of the best trainings I have had on Udemy. I learned so much. Thank you. – Daryl Graham

Very easy to understand and I can actually start creating my own websites with the step by step instructions of this course. – Jaqueline Briel

***As with all my courses, software and online tools are always changing and evolving, so if you think of something that could be added to the course to add value, let me know!

The end goal is for you to learn how to build a functional, beautiful, responsive website with WordPress. It’s that simple. By combining both backend setup lectures with design-specific lectures, you will get a broad, well-rounded look at how to create a website you can be proud of, without taking months to complete it. 

The processes shown in this course are the exact same ones I have used in my design agency for years. This is exactly how I build websites for my clients.

What makes this course different from other courses is that I am approaching it from two perspectives:

  1. my real-world understanding of how to build websites for actual clients

  2. my understanding of graphic design and how that directly relates to website design best practices

I have over a decade of experience owning my own graphic design and website development agency, and I am so excited for the chance to pass the knowledge and tricks I have learned on to you!

With WordPress, you have options!

I will walk you through both free and paid themes, so that you can dive in at whatever investment level woks for you. 

Most themes use a similar backend layout, so once you learn the basics in this course, you can apply that knowledge to other themes down the road. This gives you the ultimate creative freedom and ownership over how your website looks and functions – both now and on into the future.

Who is this WordPress course for?

This course is great for designers that want to learn how to build beautiful websites without the hassle of having to learn how to code. It is also great for entrepreneurs and freelancers that need a professional online presence but that also do not want to pay a lot of money to have someone else create it for them. It is also a great course for anyone that is curious about websites and graphic design, as the course serves as a great launch pad for wherever your creativity and passions can take you!

By the end of this course, you will have a beautifully designed website that you are proud of, and – if your goal is to start creating websites for others as a side gig or as a business – you will have learned some of the tricks and tools that I used to successfully build websites that clients pay very well for.


Introduction & Welcome to the Course! Private Facebook group details included

Thanks for joining the course! So glad you're here - let's dive in! Make sure to download the supporting materials in this lecture section, too!

Choosing your platform: The difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org

Let's dive in to WordPress!

Your First Website with WordPress

Local Development vs. Remote Development and Static vs. Dynamic websites

Let's discuss the difference between local and remote development, as well as static versus dynamic websites!

Set up, Log in, Configure, Create! (WordPress local Install with Flywheel)

Let's get going with a WordPress local Install with Flywheel.

Reviewing preferences to speed up your workflow in "Local by Flywheel."

Let's review your preferences to speed up your workflow in "Local by Flywheel."

Logging in to a WordPress web site

Great - your site is ready to start working on! Let's get you logged in!

Configuring WordPress Settings

There are a few key adjustments you will want to make any time you setup a new WordPress site. In this lecture, you will learn how to set your site preferences and settings. 

Pages in WordPress

Let's set up pages!

Create a custom navigation menu

Let's create custom menus to take your website to the next level.

Introduction to plugins

Let's learn about plugins and how you can effectively and efficiently use them.

Introduction to widgets

Let's learn about widgets and how you can utilize them in your website.

Introduction to themes

Themes play a huge role in setting up WordPress sites quickly - let's look at some of them.

Customize the theme design and page layout

Recommended WordPress themes: Where to find them, and how to choose what's best

Let's dig a little deeper into some of the top themes available.

Introduction to page builders

Page builders are awesome! Let's learn how you can use them to your advantage.

Installing and activating themes

Installing and activating themes is the next step toward implementing them on your site. Check it out!

Child themes

Child themes can save you a lot of customization headaches down the road - learn how to use them in this lecture.

Create a Local blueprint: Speed up your workflow & eliminate redundant work

Creating a Local blueprint will absolutely speed up your workflow & eliminate redundant work - let's dive in!

How to Reset a Blueprint Password in Local
Installing demo content

When using the X theme, take advantage of all the stellar pre-built demo content that have; it can give you a ready-to-go website in minutes!

Building a portfolio website

Introduction to building a portfolio website

Let's get you started on a killer portfolio website!

How to speed up your workflow with demo content

You know about X theme demo content - now let's get it imported and working for you!

Update the website name and remove the default logo

Make the site your own - add your logo!

How to make a simple, custom logo

Don;t have a logo yet? No problem! Let's get you going on making one!

How to change fonts

Let's make sure the fonts on your site reflect your site design and personality.

Creating a home page hero image and custom headers

Your homepage header images and content are the face of your site - make sure they are beautiful!

How to set up your portfolio

Showcase your work! Let's set up your portfolio!

How to add looping video to your website backgrounds

Creating a Blog

Why add a blog, and what is it?

Time to blog! Let's set up a blog page and learn why you should be using it regularly.

WordPress blog settings

Let's customize your blog page with WordPress settings.

Posts in WordPress

Let's learn about creating posts.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags keep your content organized - learn how to use them in this lecture.

Comments in WordPress

Learn how to customize the commenting settings for your site.

Contact Forms in WordPress

Introduction to contact forms

Let's create a contact form!

How to install Contact Form 7

How to use Contact Form 7.

Configure your new contact form settings

Configure settings and get your contact form completed.

An easier (but not free) alternative: Gravity Forms

Let's look at a paid form option: Gravity Forms.

Migrating your new WordPress website to a live hosting server

My thoughts on hosting, and some resources

A few insights on hosting and more.

I LOVE THESE GUYS! How to setup a hosting account with Flywheel
INSANE TIME SAVER! How to push/pull your site between Local and Flywheel

Real Client Case Study

Real Client: Case Study Introduction
Real Client: First, Backup Your Site
Real Client: Install the New Theme
Real Client: Theme settings
Real Client: Logo Setup
Real Client: Super-Fast Page Setup With Templates
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Web Design with WordPress: Design and Build Great Websites
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